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Life Quotes, Inc. News Release - 03/17/2014 Launches Instant Life Insurance Quotes on Policies that Provide Early Payouts

Accelerated death benefit payout riders rise in popularity and are surprisingly affordable, often free of charge.

DARIEN, Illinois (March 17, 2014) – In an effort to better respond to rising consumer interest in life insurance policies that offer early payouts, has today announced a series of next-generation enhancements at its popular life insurance exchange, Effective immediately, instant quotes and one-click access to consumer brochures are available regarding companies and policies that offer early payouts in the event of chronic or critical illness.

A growing number of leading life insurers now offer "accelerated death benefit" endorsements or "living benefit" riders that permit, under certain circumstances, lump-sum, tax-free payments to be paid to a policyholder while alive. Depending upon the insurer, the death benefit of a life insurance policy is then reduced or extinguished when an advance payout occurs. Not yet available in all states, these riders can result in substantial cash payouts, sometimes up to 100% of the policy's limit, in the event that a covered insured suffers a defined chronic or critical illness. is seeing rising popularity of these riders and for good reason: evolutionary improvements in such riders have made them worth looking at, yet believes that too few adults are aware of these improved riders and the profound, positive impact they can have on a family's finances should an insured develop a chronic or critical illness.

"The latest generation of living benefit riders represents a sea change in terms of the cost-benefit value proposition associated with owning a life insurance policy," remarked founder and CEO, Robert Bland. "People who own a life insurance policy should check to see if their policy includes a chronic illness living benefit rider because the payouts from that rider can help families avoid financial catastrophe. To make it easy for life insurance shoppers to understand these riders, we have enhanced to automatically quote them alongside every life insurance quote when available and to also offer one-click access to each such company's consumer brochures."

Recent competitive coverage improvements in such riders, combined with the reality of rising healthcare and long-term care costs, have resulted in a heightened interest level regarding accelerated death benefit riders.

Life insurance shoppers want the flexibility of a possible pre-death payout to avoid financial catastrophe that often accompanies an unplanned chronic or critical illness. While each policyholder is free to use accelerated death benefit cash for the purpose of their own choosing, it's important to stress that accelerated death benefit riders are not health insurance nor are they long-term care insurance.

Bland continued, "We're recommending that every life insurance customer include this rider in their next life insurance purchase because it's often free of charge or available at a nominal extra cost." reminds consumers that the advances made on an accelerated death benefit rider are considered free of income taxes. However, payment of such sums could affect a person's ability to qualify for government benefits, so it's always wise to consult a tax advisor when you do personal financial planning. Additionally, each insurer has terms and conditions that must be met before any advance payouts will occur.

Life insurance policies that offer living benefits are surprisingly affordable. This chart of sample monthly rates was gleaned from a survey of 35 leading life insurers. In addition to plans that offer a 10 year initial rate guarantee, visitors to can also view instant quotes for policies that offer a 15, 20, 25, 30 year and even lifetime rate guarantees.

10 Year Term Life Plans with Living Benefits
Female Sample Monthly Rates
Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
30 $11 $15 $23 $29
35 $11 $16 $24 $30
40 $13 $19 $28 $29
45 $17 $26 $27 $46
50 $21 $32 $39 $69
55 $28 $37 $56 $102
60 $31 $52 $83 $152
65 $44 $81 $133 $245
70 $68 $131 $232 $457
75 $115 $236 $464 $867
Male Sample Monthly Rates
Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
30 $11 $17 $25 $26
35 $12 $17 $26 $27
40 $14 $21 $26 $35
45 $19 $27 $31 $54
50 $25 $34 $45 $82
55 $31 $51 $76 $142
60 $40 $73 $121 $229
65 $60 $120 $212 $402
70 $99 $206 $371 $663
75 $166 $377 $746 $1,402

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NOTE: The above chart contains life insurance premiums for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a single-company illustration or recommendation, nor are the above sample quotes specific to any person or state. The sample rates shown assume that the insured is a non-smoker in good health. Individual company quotes, illustrations, policy form numbers, etc. are available at Accelerated death benefit riders are not available in all states.


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