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"I bought a Jeep today...
I cannot thank you enough for
my job in these tough times..."
 -- Life Quotes Agent Barbara D.

"I have to tell you that I have never been happier working anywhere! Everyone is so positive and supportive! I am so thankful that I found this opportunity!"
                         -- Michelle S.

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Thank you for your interest in working with! All prospective independent agents and employees are required to take our General Aptitude Assessment, which normally takes about 60 minutes and can only be taken in one session. Fear not! This is a simple reading, writing and basic math assessment at the high school senior level. Please first complete the following information and after which you will be asked to then start the timed assessment.
Your Personal Information
First Name: Last Name:
City: State:
Email Address:
Where did you hear about us? Examples: Monster, Craigslist, ZIPRecruiter, Other.
What opportunity are you applying for?

Your phone number:    
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Yes No
Have you ever had a bankruptcy, or do you have any current bad debts, overdue bills or any pending court dates of any kind? Yes No
In order to be considered for this appointment, we require that you take and pass a series of basic aptitude assessments (reading, writing, forms-filling, typing and script-reading). These assessments take about 3-4 hours.

I'm willing and able to take screening assessments that last 3-4 hours.
Grade yourself on your telephone skills including possibly talking to lots of people on a daily basis.

How would you grade yourself in terms of your typing and forms-filling speed and accuracy?

Name one education or business accomplishment that you are most
proud of and why.
Please indicate the exact days and times (begin and end) that you are available.
Are you currently employed or attending school?

Do you have any caregiving responsibilities for others or personal illness history yourself that would prevent you from having a consistent attendance record with us?

Do you have a LinkedIn page?

Do you have a Facebook page?

It's Time to Upload Your Resume

Upload your resume now in PDF or MS Word format.

The Next step now will be to start the 90 minute asssessment. At Life Quotes, Inc. a large part of your day will be to communicate effectively in writing with customers, applicants, underwriters, case managers and fellow associates here. This opportunity does require excellent verbal, writing and math aptitude. Don't be nervous! And please feel free to use a calculator.

This assessment is timed and must be completed within 90 minutes. Once you begin the assessment you cannot stop it to complete later.

Upon completion of the assessment we will be automatically informed and will contact you with the next step within one business day.

To ensure quality we are capturing the activity from your ip: .

*If you require assistance please contact Nina Kleinaitis at

Thank you

Congratulations! You passed our general aptitude test with a score of 0%.

Your next step is to complete and return our Application Packet. Click here to download the pdf.

Thank you again for visiting Life Quotes, Inc. today. We are very excited to have you visit us and appreciate you taking the time and effort to complete our General Reading and Writing Assessment.

We will contact you shortly.

*If you require assistance please contact Nina Kleinaitis at or call at (630)515-0170 ext. 200.

Thank you for taking our general aptitude test. Unfortunately, your score of 0% is below our minimum standards for hiring consideration. We wish you the best going forward.

*If you require assistance please contact Nina Kleinaitis at

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"My income is tracking as I projected before coming on board last November. I have tried this several times with different companies, by far this is best I have worked with. I continue to learn and really enjoy working with Michelle. Thanks,"
                        -- William C.